Hi, my name is Armin Bagrat Stepanyan (different spellings are just vestigial indicator of Latvian rich case structure).

Currently, I’m pursuing an MPhil in University of Cambridge’s NLIP group, where I research methods for extracting structured information out of academic textbooks under the excellent supervision of Ekaterina Kochmar.

I’m also an associate lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, where I teach Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence together with George Wilson.

My favourite thing about artificial intelligence is the inherent interdisciplinary of the field, this also happens to be the theme of my podcast de Dicto (YouTube, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher). My least favourite thing about the field is the hype, hence the low hype associated with the show…

I’ve earned a First Class BSc Hons from University of Manchester in Artificial Intelligence. During my studies I had the pleasure to research explainable approaches to commonsense reasoning under the supervision of André Freitas, leading to the publication – Identifying and Explaining Discriminative Attributes, (EMNLP), Hong Kong, 2019.

Fun fact: I’ve earned a US High School Diploma, without ever stepping foot on the US soil.

And of course, you wouldn’t be the first to point out that my middle name sounds an awful lot like a common RPG design problem.